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Scott Krager is a serial entrepreneur. He has started, bought, and sold several internet properties, and is currently founder of He also has 8 years of experience as a competitive SEO, and is an author at Search Engine Journal as well as speaker at conferences such as The Search Marketing Expo, the World’s leading search engine marketing conference. Scott came to AirPair with the goal of being able to receive on-demand PHP code mentoring whenever he needed it. This allows him to work on his own for a while, and then catch up with his PHP expert, Jorge Colon whenever he needs some help or wants to improve his code.

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What help from PHP Expert Jorge Colon over AirPair video chat looks like…

PHP Code Mentoring with Jorge Colon
In this AirPair, Jorge helps a customer, Scott Krager, set up debugging tools in CakePHP.

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Becoming a Serial Entrepreneur Straight Out of College

Hi, I am Scott Krager. Rather than picking up a job after graduating from college, I turned to web entrepreneurship and started a few websites. I had been reading a lot about search engine optimization, and thought that I could drive organic search traffic to these sites. Thankfully my dream came true: I spent the first five years out of college without attending a single meeting or having to do SEO consulting for anyone but myself.

Starting To Build a Company


In 2011 I decided to double-down on one project, rather than continuing to run many different sites. It’s called, and it’s a service that makes it easy to monitor SEO campaigns. We provide tracking of keyword rankings for agencies and marketers, local rankings in US and UK, and also backlink tools for competitor research. Initially, I started building this tool to scratch my own itch, but it turned out to work so well that other people wanted to use it at as well. I’ve been working on it now for three years, and have divested most of my sites or signed partnerships so I haven’t run them anymore in the past year.

Learning Programming In Order To Be a Better CEO

At there are several engineers that I can tap into if I ever need to get something done – but I would rather not distract valuable engineers from their projects. As a business major in college, I have had no formal training in programming. That said, I’ve been hacking on WordPress for years, and have been performing smaller tasks on since day one, such as restarting the server, updating the landing page, setting up tracking variables, and similar. At this point, I can pretty much build anything I want in PHP, but every once in a while I come across little bumps in the road that take me a long time to fix, and it would be great to have a PHP code mentor to help me along the way.

Becoming An AirPair Customer

jorge colon

PHP Expert Jorge Colon

When I first heard about AirPair, it instantly made sense to me – on-demand code mentoring. When I come across a problem, rather than distracting someone on my team and risking delaying an important rollout, I just expand my engineering by getting AirPair involved for an hour or two. At this point, I’ve had three sessions with Jorge Colon, and he helped me not only resolve my code issues, but he also taught me along the way best practices and showed me how to use some tools for debugging and other applications that I hadn’t heard of before.

For someone like myself who is genuinely interested in getting better at coding, AirPair is an absolute godsend. I not only manage to stay on track with my work without disrupting anyone else around me, but I also get to learn something new every time I have a session, and I also have a recording of the session that I can reference later if I ever get lost again. Those video lessons go straight to our company Wiki where other engineers have access to them as well. Overall, I am glad that I found AirPair, and I’ll continue using them whenever I or anyone else at needs some PHP code mentoring.