AirPair is a community of world class developers available for micro-consulting through video chat


How can you use AirPair?


AirPair attracts experts with eagle eyes to point out the problems. Our experts are top-notch in their stack.


Having a mentor is precious, especially when it comes to sorting out complex problems and learning new technologies.

Code Review

Everyone can use a second set of eyes with tons of experience to improve their code base.


Building a team is hard - boost your confidence by having an expert on your side to vet potential candidates


Enable your team to adopt new technologies that improve the long-term capabilities of your product.

And More!

AirPair is your go-to platform when you need to get unstuck without wasting time and resources.

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The average jaunt on Stack Overflow takes 4 painful hours.

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Spend 5 minutes filling out a request and get introduced to

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