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The OpenTok enables you to add WebRTC to your website or mobile application. With client libraries for Javascript, iOS and Android, the OpenTok platform can power real-time video communications for everything from one-to-one chats to large-scale broadcasts.

Using the OpenTok platform, developers can deploy WebRTC applications with 1/10th the amount of code.

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OpenTok's Android & iOS SDKs keep everyone connected.

We enable smooth communication between different devices. When it comes to WebRTC, TokBox is your one-stop cross-platform shop, covering 95% of all worldwide mobile devices.

Beyond text messaging

OpenTok’s scalable messaging stack allows users to distribute data between endpoints, enabling simple text chat integration and other more complex applications. The messaging stack is tightly coupled with the existing RTC platform, making clunky third-party APIs obsolete.

Robust cross-platform calling

TokBox’s industry-leading media router traverses firewalls and mitigates bandwidth strain, enabling simple, crystal-clear calls. The spare bandwidth can be used for archiving, compositing, and other key services on top of the core platform.

Intelligent Quality Control (IQC)

Whether triggered automatically (e.g. audio-only fallback) or as part of your web-based application (e.g. restricted frame rate), IQC ensures an ideal experience based on a user’s available resources. Good IQC can be difficult to build—but with OpenTok it is extremely easy to use.

Making connectivity simple

TokBox is pushing to improve WebRTC connectivity industry-wide by creating a successful experience for all Wifi and cellular customers. This means our own TURN servers, a connectivity doctor for network admins, and code snippets demonstrating best practices.

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