Code Review

Unsure if your code follows best practices? Or learning a new technology and need someone to confirm that you're doing everything correctly? We're here to help. AirPair works with thousands of experts across a variety of programming disciplines who can help you get a sense of security as well as prevent your code from exposing vulnerabilities or causing any other type of damage.

About Code Reviews

In a code review session, the main goal is to review the existing code and quantify its quality against a number of different parameters, such as performance, reusability, readability, security, and many more. As potential problems are identified, the expert will explain the problem and demonstrate a better approach, although most of the time this will be only in form of generic examples. If assistance with the production code is needed, code reviews sometimes transition into pair programming sessions, although we recommend to discuss this prior to the session to make sure that we find the best possible pairing.

What Makes a Great Code Reviewer?

Code reviews often require a more comprehensive background than pair programming sessions. The difference is due to the fact that code review sessions cover more aspects of programming, and they also dig deeper under the hood. Are your passwords all hidden appropriately? Is the code structure laid out perfectly? Those types of questions are unlikely to come up during pair programming sessions, and if they did, you'd be unlikely to start addressing them while developing new features.

What Does a Code Review Session Look Like?

Most of the time you'll share the codebase prior to the session, and will then spend the time during the session discussing the findings. Please note that every expert is different, and expectations should be set while booking the expert. In some cases, experts also provide a written summary of the findings, although all sessions are recorded and this can be also easily extracted by the customer as well. Depending on your needs and budget, we'd be happy to assist you with finding the perfect expert for your code review.

About Debugging and Troubleshooting

The difficulty of debugging or troubleshooting a particular problem is often tied to the underlying technology. High level languages such as Python feature exception handling, which makes debugging significantly easier. Lower lever languages, such as C, might support some simpler means of error checking, and even assembly has a simple debugging utility. There's also a significant difference in debugging interpreted vs compiled programming languages, since it's easier to get source code information in interpreted languages.

What Makes a Great Troubleshooting Expert?

When dealing with application-specific problems, the first choice is always to look for someone who has relevant experience in that particular area. In an ideal case, you would be working with someone who has experienced the exact same problem in the past, and still remembers how they solved it. If, however, you're looking for someone to solve a more generic problem (ie: unexpected code behavior, memory leaks, etc), you'll want to work with someone who has a good understanding of the applicable debugging tools. Thankfully, you won't have to worry about that part - one of AirPair's main value adds is our matching process during which we ensure that all suggested experts are sufficiently qualified and familiar with your specific request.

What Does a Problem Solving Session Look Like?

The first goal would be to reproduce the problem. Once that is accomplished, a number of steps are introduced to reduce the number of potential error sources. This often leads to removing code until the problem disappears, but sometimes it might even involve running the codebase in a new environment to make sure that the problem is not tied to any specific configuration settings and installation details. As a last resort, a new approach to achieving the exact same result might be considered and implemented. So, one way or another, AirPair is committed to finding the best expert and solving your problem.