Optimizing Intel's Big Data App with Ember.js Training

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Nathan Ward
Nathan is Lead Front-End Software Engineer at Intel.

In this AirPair, Stefan talks Ember.js testing strategy with Nathan.

Nathan is Lead Front-End Engineer on Intel's next generation cloud orchestration product (not yet released). Being able to handle “big data” and intelligently expose large volumes of information to the end-user is a critical goal for Intel on this project. Intel has embraced cutting edge front-end practices with the powerful Ember.js framework. As a newer framework, Ember's ecosystem is emerging, so Intel is using AirPair to connect with thought leaders and core contributors to accelerate development and harness the community's talent for on-demand Ember.js training.

##Why Intel Embraces Ember.js

Ember.js Expert Training

We chose to build our application with Ember.js due to its strengths in scaling with complexity, handling data persistence, and binding to real-time metrics. As we moved further along in the development process, I wanted to optimize the application’s performance in a couple key areas where we bubble up a lot of data about underlying components. In order to provide a better user experience than simple pagination or the “infinite scroll” pattern, the goal was to use an incremental rendering solution that could keep the user interface fast and responsive while maintaining obvious interaction affordances.

##On-demand Ember.js Training and Collaboration With AirPair

Only hours after I found AirPair and submitted a request, AirPair connected me with not just an Ember.js expert, but with Stefan Penner, the author of the exact open source library with which I was integrating. I was highly impressed by how quickly we were connected and how productive we were in our initial two hour session, which led to a performant solution using incremental rendering with Ember.ListView.

##AirPair as a way for Intel to Foster Collaboration

AirPair helped us quickly optimize Intel's next generation cloud orchestration front-end by connecting us with with the perfect Ember.js core team member and performance expert - Stefan Penner. Not only were we able to improve our product, but by pushing the boundaries of Ember.js in our AirPair sessions, we've developed and contributed code back to the open source community.

The result was that we were able to gain a 4x performance improvement in the key areas of our app. Not only did the sessions lead to application optimizations, but they also sparked new ideas about interaction modalities and prompted contributions from Intel to open source Ember.js projects. We are excited to interact with, engage with, and contribute code to the growing Ember.js ecosystem. AirPair is a great way for us to meet and build relationships with the amazing people doing innovative work around Ember.