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Wes Freeman
Graph database expert, Wes, is Cypher query language contributor, and a trainer and consultant for leading graph database provider Neo4j.

GraphConnect tutorial by Graph Database Expert Wes Freeman

Wes Freeman is a Cypher query language contributor, who also does Neo4j (a leading graph database provider) training and consulting. He currently works at Information Analysis, Inc. (IAI). He frequently gives tutorials and talks at conferences, events in North America including GraphConnect and DevIgnition. He is the creator of AnormCypher, a Neo4j language driver for Scala, that won "Most Innovative Community Contribution" at GraphConnect '13 in San Francisco.

Wes' Full Story as a Neo4j Expert

I got started with Neo4j in 2012, looking for a way to store a complex decision hierarchy, stumbling upon it at a meetup. I fell in love with the Cypher query language and quickly got deeper than intended - I have become a community contributor and have authored several features of Cypher as it grew to be a killer feature of the database.

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Now I do training and consulting for Neo4j, and work for a Neo Technology partner - Information Analysis Inc.(IAI). I am still involved with the Cypher dev team, helping shape the future of the query language.

I am also active on StackOverflow; I am the top answerer for the Cypher tag, and the second highest answerer for the Neo4j tag.

Cypher Query Language Drivers for Scala and Go

Wes Freeman won a contribution award at GraphConnect for his AnormCypher

I have written two Cypher-oriented language clients for Neo4j. The first one is AnormCypher for Scala, which won "Most Innovative Community Contribution" at GraphConnect 2013 San Francisco, and is based on the Play! framework Anorm database package. More recently, I wrote cq for Go (short for Cypher queries), as Go is quickly becoming my new favorite language.

Conference Talks and Tutorials by a Graph Database Expert

I regularly give talks at conferences and meetups about Neo4j and other NoSQL and programming language topics, including MongoDB, Go, Scala and Clojure. I also regularly give Neo4j tutorial sessions in the D.C. area and all around North America. You can browse my Cypher tutorials on my website.

I gave a talk about Neo4j and the Cypher Query Language at DevIgnition 2013, and ran day-long tutorials at three of the five GraphConnect 2013 conferences, including the "Mastering Cypher" tutorial given at San Francisco.

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