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Matt Harris
Matt co-founded sendwithus. Previously, he was a software hacker, developing with PHP, Joomla, Python, and Django in multiple Canadian companies. His team won the Startup Weekend Victoria 2012 top prize.

_In this AirPair, Backnol helps customers, Nick and Greg, developers from sendwithus, to integrate a third party ActionMailer wrapper with the send_with_us Ruby gem._

sendwithus provides A/B testing for transactional emails. It enables email marketers to setup multivariate testing, create drip campaigns, view analytics reporting all in a dashboard and no technical skills required. Developers just have to integrate one line of code into your application, and then business users can self-service without taking time away from developers. sendwithus is also fully integrated with SendGrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, and Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), and works with any email service provider (ESP).

##A sendwithus Story Brad and I founded sendwithus, a Canadian company, that enables marketer to A/B test for transactional emails, set up multivariate testing, create drip campaigns, view analytics reporting with minimum development overhead.

There was an urgent request from a highly valued customer. We maintain an open-sourced Ruby gem, called send_with_us, that works with our RESTful email API. However, the customer was using a third-party client that is an ActionMailer wrapper, which sits on top of our gem. There was one problem: we don't officially support this third-party library. It was out of date, and likely would not work with our current API. Nevertheless, the customer was not whom we want to lose in this interaction.

sendwithus Ruby Problem Solving customer

##On-Demand Ruby Development Power

sendwithus Ruby Problem Solving with AirPair

When we met the AirPair founders at a group dinner for entrepreneurs, we shared this request with their team and had them get started right away. Specifically, we asked the AirPair guys to help set us up with an expert who can help us update the library and build in additional exception handling.

sendwithus is a Python shop, so Ruby is not our expertise. We really cared about the turnaround time and customer satisfaction in this case. AirPair's response time was less than 1.5 hours! The request was completed before we finished the group dinner with AirPair founders. The quick turnaround was definitely worth the money and had a positive impact on the highly valued customer.

##Choosing a Ruby Problem Solving Expert

AirPair Ruby Problem Solving with Backnol

At AirPair, Maksim helped us find two experts literally within minutes. We ended up choosing Backnol Yogendran, based on his past experience and familiarity with the technology. Backnol is an AirPair Rails expert, who has built a Ruby gem or two for his startup. In fact, he recently has done an AirPair session on ActionMailer for orders and receipts.

##Ruby Problem Solving for Boosting Developer Productivity I am technical myself, but I booked the AirPair session for my developer in charge of the task. I fully trust his best judgment. He confidently told me that he was happy with the result of the AirPair session and thought that it helped resolving what would have taken 5 hour in just one hour's time.